Uluru Illuminated

The moment I heard the plans for the Field of Light installation in Northern Territory, Australia, was the same moment it became a must-see experience on my travel list.

My Heart Belongs to Hayman Island

It all started as we stepped off our flight and made our way 100 yards out of the airport and towards the Hayman docks. Ahead, one of Hayman’s three luxurious transfer yachts awaited to take us and the other Hayman arrivals through the Whitsundays and onto Hayman. As we climbed the ramp to board, we dropped our carry on and grabbed a waiting glass of champagne and headed to the top...

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Back to Kangaroo Island

Where is the airport, I asked just as we touched down in our little thirty seater flight from Adelaide to Kingsport Airport. As the plane whipped around at the end of the runway, I saw a little building and runway technician waving us in. Thought applaud the professionalism, I’m pretty sure the pilot could have pulled the plane into the only parking spot all by himself. But, safety...

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The cruise from Hayman was just under an hour as we passed by sun soaked islands floating in the crystal clear waters.  I dream of spending weeks on end cruising the Whitsunday islands – totally surrounded by natural beauty and scenery inspired by the dreams of Gods. ...

Heaven at Whitehaven Beach

So there I was, strapped into a seaplane gearing up my camera as the engines began puttering to a start. Only minutes before we were all in the dark about what "surprise" our parents had planned for us.

Now, It was just my family and I filling the charter as we all buckled up for the adventure. I was seated on the starboard side, right behind the co-pilots seat. Unfortunately I was beat out by Lianda for that seat as she managed to swiftly sneak by me during boarding while I was carefully avoiding head injury on the roof of the plane....


The Outskirts of Brisbane

With me in the passenger seat, Malinda at the wheel and Kristen and Lianda in the back, we followed the winding roads through the hills of the Queensland rainforest. Malinda, being the local, was trying to remember where each turn off lead, while Lianda, Kristen and I tossed our colorful tourist map back and fourth - none of us with a clue as to how to read it. At a certain point we simply gave into the idea of getting lost, and thus started the adventure.

I have been to Australia a many times before this, but this was one of the few times I really felt like I was in another world. I've never wandered far into any rainforests, and to be surrounded by such lush greenery, unique sounds and ancient trees was foreign and exciting. ....