My Heart Belongs to Hayman Island

It all started as we stepped off our flight and made our way 100 yards out of the airport and towards the Hayman docks. Ahead, one of Hayman’s three luxurious transfer yachts awaited to take us
and the other Hayman arrivals through the Whitsundays and onto Hayman. As we climbed the ramp to board, we dropped our carry on and grabbed a waiting glass of champagne and headed to the top deck.

I had been to Hayman a few times before, and the memories remain vivid and dreamlike. The beautiful island, white sandy beaches with water sports, drinks by the pool and a room with a view. It was all flooding back to me as I started playing out the next few days of adventure and relaxation.


The cruise over was perfect, especially after a plane ride. There isn’t much that beats cruising along with the islands as your backdrop. We all stayed up on the deck, all smiles as we peered over the sides and took videos and pictures. I may or may not have gotten a bit buzzed – completely by accident though. They never stopped filling up the champagne glasses! I also think its Maritime Law that you can’t turn down champagne while aboard a ship heading to an island – I’m pretty sure it’s in the books somewhere. ..

As we idled towards the dock, members of the Hayman team lined up waiting to welcome us to the island. Talk about a welcome reception. Yup, I wasn’t leaving. 


The suite we walked into was massive and beautifully designed. There was an audible “wow” or two as we were led inside. The suite had an elegant but modern beach style to it – complete with a bedroom, dressing room and lounge. Everything was open and flowed seamlessly. We were pleasantly greeted with a hand-written letter from the General Manager and a chilled bottle of champagne. I wish that was the case with every doorway I walked through. New life goal perhaps?

If you think American’s are serious about their coffee, then you aren’t prepared for Australian coffee. Coffee in Australia is an art form. I swear any longer in Australia and I would have overdosed on “long blacks” and cappuccinos.

Hayman has beautiful lush gardens throughout the resort with unique statues and even three resident swans.   Walking from your room to the beach or one of the pools is always a unwinding experience as you’re surrounded by a tropical oasis.

One very cool thing about the beach at Hayman is that as the tide goes out, half a mile of beach opens up allowing you to walk incredibly far out into the reef area. I was lucky enough to catch a glimpse of two sea turtles barely 10 feet away. Surprisingly they are quick swimmers when they get themselves in the water, and thus I was unable to gain their friendship. Their loss!

Each day as the tide receded, some of us would walk out along the shallow banks and look at the sea creatures of the shallow waters. I regularly daydream about breathing underwater and hanging out with the fish of the sea. (This sounds weird saying it out loud)… But the underwater world fascinates me.

I already wrote about one of my favorite days at Hayman – our sea-plane ride to Whitehaven Beach.

The restaurants at Hayman all offer Incredible food and dining experiences. Unfortunately I was too busy eating to snap any photos of the meals. When some of the best oyster’s you ever had are in front of you, you don’t stop to grab a picture.

It was just such a perfect experience. The food, accommodations and weather were all blissful. It was truly three days of relaxation and sunny skies.

However, don’t be fooled by the “friendly” cockatoos. I just don’t trust them – I know they are planning something. i just know it! 



Ian 2

Ian Swain 2

I work for Swain Destinations, a travel company that specializes in customized trips all over the world. I love to take pictures, am quite awkward, put myself in uncomfortable situations and will eat anything. The world is an incredible place. See and experience as much as you can.

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