A Night in a Luxury African Tree House

While on safari a few months back, I had the opportunity to stay out in the bush overnight in a tree house.  After a 45 minute private game drive to the middle of the African Bush, we  arrived at our accommodations for the night. Over the brush, 20 feet up in a century’s old Leadwood Tree appeared this wooden platform topped with a grand four posted bed and cushioned swivel couch.  After the initial shock of the reality setting in, that we would be staying overnight completely isolated in this wooden tree house, the excitement started to set in.

After a quick tutorial on the two-way radio, the guide was off back to civilization.  With a fully stocked cooler of booze and incredible food, we took in all the sights and sounds of South Africa completely isolated and opened up to nature.

This truly was one of the most incredible experiences of, and I encourage everyone hop on a plane to South Africa, and book a night truly under the stars. You’ll never forget the time you wake up to the roars of a pride of lion!


Here is the story of how the Chalkley Tree House came to be:

“The African landscape stretches as far as the eye can see at Lion Sands, and we knew we had to find a special place to capture and enjoy its vastness and splendor. Guy Aubrey Chalkley once set up camp in a majestic centuries-old Leadwood Tree to escape predators roaming the plains below. We decided that this would be the ideal place to build the ultimate bush bedroom, the Chalkley Treehouse. The tree house is a secure and lavish platform under the African stars, with all the comforts that a guest can experience at a five star safari lodge. We take our guests to the tree house at sunset, where drinks and a scrumptious picnic dinner await them. The hours of African dusk can be enjoyed relaxing and absorbing the vastness of the bushveld as it transforms from day to night, before turning in for slumber beneath the incredible night sky.”


Ian 2

Ian Swain 2

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